Rethink. Redefine. Innovate.

NextSeal looks for collaborators who want to help bring sealing technology to the next level. We are proud to say that no current technologies compare to the NextSeal solution. Are you the actor we look for?

Game Changers

Industrial actors who value process continuity and who are experiencing shorter maintenance intervals because of seal failure might be interested in prolonging the life-span of their machines.

The adaptability of NextSeal makes retrofitting on reciprocating and rotating, shafts, axles and pistons possible. Seals can be engineered to fit your specific needs.

Discarding an otherwise fully functional machine could hurt both the environment and your wallet. Fitting a NextSeal within it could extend its life.

Futurists & Pioneers

Some actors proudly pave the way for their competitors. Technology leaders in their respective areas who don’t wait for the future to happen but make the future more predictable by forming it themselves.

NextSeal wants to work with you.

We believe that we can provide dynamic sealing solutions for the most demanding applications. Together we can push for the next step in sealing development.