Amin Omrani, MSc, Chairman

Amin’s educational background is in the area of industrial engineering and logistics. Since then, Amin has been a key player in many successful ventures. Currently, Head of Business Development, at Serendipity Innovations and part of the management team in technology development companies Swedish Pharma, Swecure, and Nextseal.

Martin Stenbäck, BBA, Board Member

Martin has for the last two decades worked as a company executive in the automotive, compressor and fluid handling industries. Martin has a proven ability of leading the rapid growth of companies while keeping a value oriented approach along the way.

Bengt Adolfsson, MBA, Board Member

Bengt has an extensive background of technology innovation. The pursuit of buying an oil free, high performing, compressor during Bengt’s partnership with the world’s largest soft drink fountain manufacturer led to his discovery of the proprietary NextSeal™ technology.

Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, PhD, Board Member

Saeid is an Adjunct Professor of Materials Chemistry at Stockholm University and in 2002 was appointed Sweden’s youngest docent. He is the CEO of Serendipity Innovations AB and former CEO of Diamorph AB. Saeid is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in establishing several research-based companies.

Per Eriksson, PhD, Board Member

Per Eriksson is professor in signal processing at Lund University and has made the journey from being a student to the position as University Vice-Chancellor – appointed by the Swedish government. Per also has a background as the Director General of the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

Andreas Söderberg, MSc, CEO

Andreas holds the degrees Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Lund University. Andreas also spent one year studying Engineering and Business Administration at University of California, Berkeley.