Founded on the belief that there is always a solution

Our technology was developed to solve one small problem – now we’re solving some of the biggest problems

Company History

Whilst working on an application for the food industry, we realized that there were no compressors on the market that:

  • Were small enough to meet our space requirements
  • Could handle high working pressures
  • Were oil free in order not to contaminate the food
  • Had a sufficiently long lifetime

After engaging leading compressor manufacturers to help us address these problems, we realized that there is no one with the capability of fulfilling our specification. Therefore, we set out to build it ourselves.

It didn’t take long until we realized that there was one design problem that stood out, the seal. Having isolated the problem, we could focus on finding the solution. The result redefines sealing technology. The solution is NextSeal.

The Next Step

Once the NextSeal concept had been tested and proven, the test results made us realize that the concept was applicable in a much wider range of applications than the food industry alone.

We believe that NextSeal has great potential when integrated in applications for various sectors such as oil & gas, med-tech, food and beverage, refrigeration, packaging, heating, solar energy, vehicle propulsion and industrial energy. We have only begun to realize its potential.

Since NextSeal doesn’t aim to solve sealing problems for one single industry, we are eager to team up with the leading players in different target markets to customize the perfect dynamic sealing solution for each area.